A varied program organized at Majhakhanda Buddha Vihara on the occasion of International Buddhist Day

Sunita Tuladhar, Lalitpur, April 11

On Saturday on the occasion of International Buddhist Day, Majhakhanda Buddha Vihara, Majhakhanda celebrated it with Chankramana (Walking Meditation), Jungle Meditation, reciting Dhammachakkapavattana Sutta and Candle lighting. In the joint organization of Vishwa Shanti Vihar and Majhakhanda Buddha Vihar, along with monks from Nepal, Thai monks from Dhammakaya in Thailand, Indian monk, Vietnamese monk, temporary Novices, Nuns and devotees were in attendance.

On that occasion, all the Ven. Monks, temporary Novices, Nuns and devotees walked barefoot peacefully meditating Chankramana from Majhakhanda Buddha Vihar to Salledanda, meditated some time in the forest of Salledanda and then returned from there to Vihar meditating Chankramana.

In the same evening, International Buddhist Day was celebrated by everyone sitting in the front of the Chaitya in the upper floor of the vihara and reciting the Dhammachakkapavattan Sutta. They also circumambulated the Chaitya three times lighting candles in their hands.

On the same occasion, while giving  special Dhamma-speech, the head of the monastery Bhikkhu Bodhijnana Mahathero said that according to the declaration of the conference organized by the World Buddhist Supreme Conference in Japan, it was decided to celebrate April 8 as the International Buddhist Day. According to that, on April 8th, they celebrated it by lighting lamps and reciting Dhammachakkapavattana Sutta.